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Our writing help service offers a unique approach to negotiating between the customer and the writer, which allows both sides to satisfy their needs through a writing project. This new approach means that all communication concerning the details of an order, its price and deadlines is done directly between the customer and the potential writer.

We have worked in this field for many successful years and have never stopped upgrading and improving the quality of our service. The proof to that is our vast working experience, brought out by positive customer feedback.

Our company is a unique writing assistance service, that allows to achieve better result through close customer-writer communication in chat environment. One can clearly see the advantages of using our academic assistance service, as our customers independently manage their orders, from the beginning to the completion of the project.

    With our writing service:

  • Customers choose the most suited writer for their order, monitor the writer’s work progress and make suggestions for improvement of the work.
  • Customers manage their budget plan, i.e. they can choose a writer whose bid will be most suitable to their budget.
  • Customers rate the writers’ work and share feedback on how well the writers perform.

Moreover, writers receive payment only for completed work. So, when the writer completes some part of the order and the customer is satisfied with it (no changes should be done), the customer releases the money for that part. This approach creates a healthy competition between the writers and motivates them to excel.

First of all the writers check the order’s instructions and deadline. Next, they place their bids on the order. The system adds a service fee automatically and the total price is displayed to the customer. The customer can compare the bids and form an opinion about the writers by viewing their profile page (there, you can find writer rating, number of completed orders and customer feedback). This way the customer can choose the most suitable writer for their order.

Furthermore, you can discuss any of your concerns with the writer, anything that bothers you about the paper.

On the other hand, if your want a successful outcome, remember, when you place an order, be as detailed as you possible, to provide the writer with sufficient information that will help them to produce the paper you want. Outline clearly what you want and increase your chances to get the product that meets your expectations.

After the job is done, the customers can rate the writers in terms of how well they worked on the order and how cooperative they were.

Our custom writing service is a convenient and easy to use platform for the customer-writer relationship. Our goal is to maintain a healthy business environment between both sides.

Try it out for yourself!

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