General Information

  • How does your writing service work?

    Our service provides a novel approach to customer-writer relationships in the matters of custom writing. We offer our customers to directly discuss the future project with the writers, interested in completing your paper. Another inviting feature we offer, is the ability to pay only when a part or the whole project is completed.

  • How do I place an order?

    There are two order forms you have to fill out. The first one is shorter. You will find it by clicking the ‘Order Now’ button on the main page. After you complete this order form and press ‘Continue’, you will be directed to the second – extended – order form. If you do not have an account yet, it will be automatically created for you; the password will be sent to you in an e-mail; after you acquire an account, you will be redirected to the second form.

    In the second form you will be able to select two kinds of deadlines. The first deadline corresponds to the time, when the whole paper has to be completed, whereas the second one is chosen for writers who bid on your order – they will be forced to complete the 100-word preview due it. Here, you can also include any details or instructions on the paper.

  • How do I send additional materials to the writer?

    You can upload additional materials when you fill in the order form.

  • What formating styles are available for my paper?

    You can choose one of the options while placing the order — MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian or ‘Not applicable’. If you do not need a title page, heading or references (e.g., resume) in your paper, select the option ‘Not applicable’

  • How does my personal page work?

    Our service provides a novel approach to customer-writer relationships in the matters of custom writing. We offer our customers to directly discuss the future project with the writers, interested in completing the papers. Another inviting feature we offer, is the ability to pay only when a part or the whole project is completed.

  • How does your writing service work?

    You can check the writer’s progress on your personal page, as well as communicate with the writer and download the completed paper. If you have more than one order, it is easier to track them through your personal page. You have to be signed in to access your personal order page.

Order Completion

  • When will my paper be finished?

    Unless you discuss any changes in the due date with your writer, your order should be complete by the deadline you have set while filling in the order form. We advice you to talk to the writer beforehand, in case you require your paper sooner.

  • How will I receive my paper?

    Upon releasing the final payment for the order (i.e., your paper is complete), you can download it in .doc or .pdf format. There will be buttons corresponding to both formats, that had appeared automatically once the paper was completed. Click on the button for the format you have chosen and save the paper on your computer.

  • How can I alter my initial order instructions?

    After placing an order, the writers will start to bid on it. At this stage you can still change the number of pages, title or paper instructions by clicking the ‘View/Edit’ button in the upper right corner of you order page. Note, that if you make any changes the writers’ bids would be considered outdated.

    If you need to make any changes after the writer has already started working on your order, you will have to discuss them with your writer first.

  • What if I do not like my paper?

    While the writer is working on your order, keep updated on their progress, so when you see that something in the paper needs to be changed, you can discuss it with the writer immediately. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to request any changes once the order is complete and put on “Finished” status. Afterwards you will be able to place a new order for editing or rewriting.

  • What is rewriting and editing service?

    In case you have a draft or a paper which needs improvement, you are welcome to place an order for a rewriting, which means modifying up to 70% of the content, or an editing service, which requires changing up to 25-30% of the paper.

  • What does it mean to list an order as featured?

    This is an additional service, with which your order will be made more noticeable for the writers. Listing an order as featured extends the selection of writers you can choose from, as it will appear on top of all available orders. This feature helps to promote your order, thus inviting more bids. As a result your project will be finished faster. This service costs $4.95 and it will be available to you when your order is on bidding status.

Writer Information

  • Where are you located and where is my writer from?

    Our company is London-based, UK, and the company’s support offices are located in Kiev, Ukraine. Our writers are from English and non-English speaking countries. You can ask the writer in chat about their specific location.

  • Can I be sure that all the writers on the web-site have passed evaluation?

    Our writers have to maintain high performance standards. They undergo several exams under the close watch of Writer’s Department. Later on, with the help of our rating system, our customers’ feedback acts as the best indicator of the writers’ work. You can base your choice of writer on two criteria:

     writer’s rating and order history combined with customer feedback;

     writer’s style in the review sample.

  • What is the writer’s rating and how is it calculated?

    The writers’ rating system maintains a healthy competition between the writers and motivates into diligent work. It is also helpful to customers, when they make their choice of the most suitable writer. The rating is based on the votes from each customer a writer already had. You can check the number of their completed orders right next to their rating. This should give you an idea of how many clients had voted for this writer.

  • What do writers’ awards mean?

    The award system is another feature designed to motivate writers for performing their best, it also helps customer in selecting a suitable writer for their order. For example, there is a Triple Ten award, which is given to the writer who has finished ten orders in ten days, each rated with ten stars.

  • What does the writer’s warning mean?

    The Quality Assurance team monitors the writers’ performance in writing and communication, and ensures that the writers we employ are skilled enough. Whenever we encounter faulty behaviour we may issue a warning to the writer. A warning gives the writer a chance to improve their performance, but if the writer carries on with previous mistakes, their employment will be terminated.

Payment, Plagiarism and Confidentiality Issues

  • How do I pay for the services? Is the payment process safe?

    You can either load money to your personal account via our web-site or issue the payment through PayPal – a safe world-widely known online system.

  • How will I pay the writer and is there a Money Back guarantee?

    It is up to you whether to pay for the order in parts or for the whole order, but for the means of your safety, we suggest you to pay for each finished part of the order upon completion, and release the final payment, when you have the whole paper completed, and you are sure no amendments are to be done in it.

    The system splits the payment for your paper into parts, according to the length of the order and your set deadline. Your order can be split into five parts maximum.

    By clicking the “Release” button, you will pay the writer; this money cannot be refunded.

  • Can I get a discount?

    Any customer can get a one-time discount of up to 30% off the price to an order. You have to be subscribed to our social media (Facebook and Twitter) and be up to date with our blog news; we have weekly contests.

  • How can I know that my paper is original?

    To ensure the originality of your paper we can offer you an additional service called “Plagiarism Check”, which will cost you $9.95 and is non-refundable. Another option is using one of the online plagiarism checkers; for example, at PlagiarismCheck.org or Turnitin.com. Remember to check each part before submitting payment for it.

  • Do you keep a database of pre-written essays?

    We do not have a database of pre-written essays. Our writers perform all orders from scratch, based on your instructions and requirements. Writers can work with rough drafts done by the customer in rewriting/editing orders.

  • Is your service confidential?

    Our service is 100% confidential and we do not share any personal information about our customers with any third parties. We also advice you to keep the communication with writers strictly formal.

  • What happens to the order when the payment is charged back?

    If some amount of money is charged back from your account, the corresponding amount will disappear from your account on our web site. If the charged back funds are bigger then what you had on your account here, then your order will be cancelled. If this issue arises, please contact the Operator via e-mail.

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