How To Write A Research Proposal

Writing, writing, and more writing… You are tired of these endless written assignments, right? Well, that’s the minus side of student life: nobody said it is easy to cope with studying. To make things better, students prefer looking for online research papers, instead of doing their research themselves. But what if you try to write a research paper on your own? Yes, it will take a lot of your time and energy; nevertheless, it can help you develop your academic writing skills. So try to learn how to write a descent research paper. And, undoubtedly, the first and probably the most important thing you should know is how to write your proposal.

Writing a Research Proposal…

If you think that it is just a part of your research process, you are wrong. In fact, it is your research…at least; it is a major part of it. If you do not have a good research proposal, you will not get a good research as a result. The main difference between your research paper and research proposal is that in the second case you write about plans for research, and in the first one – about research already done.

Of course, writing a proposal is a challenging task. Luckily, everything is possible, if you know how to do it. First of all, you should remember that all research proposals should consist of:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methods of research
  • Results
  • Discussion

The title of your research proposal should not start with the words “A study of…” It’s better to write something catchy and informative, so that your readers find your topic interesting.
When you write your abstract you need to pay attention to its length. It should not be longer than 300 words. Include your research question, hypothesis (if your research has it), methodology and the main results of your study. In the methodology section describe in brief all methods which you will use, and the procedure of the research.

The introduction should provide your readers with some understanding of the research problem. Usually it is important to:

  • state the specific problem (main goal of your study)
  • cover the current situation with research on your topic (if there has not been much research done you may emphasize on the necessity and significance of your research)
  • write about the rationale of your research stating why it is so important to conduct it
  • present the dependent and independent variables in your research
  • write your hypothesis
  • describe the limits of your study
  • give definitions to the key concepts

After writing your introduction, make a general overview of the literature. It is important to mention the most significant studies, publications, and books on your research problem, and then what aspects they cover.

Do the same with your methodology. Cover all the methods which you are going to use to do your research. Describe the procedure, instruments, and main characteristics of the methods, and how they help you to get the answers to your research problems.
At the conclusion of your research proposal you have to present the main results of your study. Well, to tell the truth, you cannot have the results at the stage of proposal writing. But at least you should know what you are going to prove, disprove, or answer in your research.

The last part of your proposal is a discussion part. Here you need to say what impact your research could have in future and what will be missed because of your financial, or any other limitations. Also, speak about the possible weaknesses and strengths of your research.

Only if your proposal includes all these elements and is written in accordance to the latest academic standards will you be allowed to continue writing your research on the selected topic.

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