How to Write Term Papers on Economics

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Economics Term Paper Writing: Term Papers Online Help

  1. The length: your Economics term paper should be approximately 8-10 pages (3500-4000 words).
  2. Title page: Your title page gives your readers the initial information about your paper, so make sure you write it in accordance with all academic standards (usually there are two main styles: MLA and APA). For example, in MLA style you have to use double-spacing (this is also a must for the whole text, not only for your title page). Each word in the title should be written using a capital letter and located in the center of the page. Write your name, course, your instructor’s name and the date of the submission below the title.
  3. Table of Contents: This is where your readers will see the preview of your research. You need to write a list of your headings and subheadings (do not forget about page numbers).
  4. Write your introduction. Introduce the key problem of your paper and point out the major aim of your research. Then indicate which questions you are going to answer and present a brief overview of previous research on the topic. Also it is essential to describe the methodology of your paper here.
  5. The body. This part of your paper is the largest one. You may divide it into several parts if necessary. Make sure you give answers to all the questions of your paper and use relevant information (data, graphics, charts etc). Analyze literature on the topic and present your own point of view on the problem.
  6. Conclusions. Summarize your term paper. Say what was most difficult in your research, what results have been achieved etc. We hope you know how to write conclusions.
  7. Bibliography list and appendices. These two sections are very important for any term paper. Make sure you mention all the sources used in your research paper. Attach all important charts, statistics, and maps that will help your readers to understand your text information better.

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