Writing a Comparative Essay: College Essay Writing Help

What do you think when you hear these typical words of your teacher: “Your homework is to write a comparative essay…”? Are you bored? Or do you start panic? Or, maybe, feel happy? Well, there’s little doubt your mood becomes optimistic, because usually students start to think of all possible ways to get college essay writing help. Some of them ask their classmates to write the essay for them, others – look for help on the Internet. So if you do not want to bother your classmates, choose to buy essay online. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies offering help in essay writing.

Comparative Essay: College Essay Writing Help

Actually, there are two ways of writing this kind of essay. But, first of all, write your introduction. There’re no special requirements to it, so start by presenting your topic, thesis statement and use a quotation or other interesting sentence before moving to your body paragraphs.
The body paragraphs are a little bit different from the ones in a classical 5-paragraph essay. If your task is to compare two things or two people you may do it like this:

  • Describe the first thing (or a person) using one of the selected criteria, and then do the same with the second thing (or a person). Repeat this action using all of your criteria (three usually is enough). This is the first way to compare things or people in an essay.
  • The second one presupposes that you describe the first subject of comparison using all your criteria and afterwards do the same with the second one. In the first case, you compare step by step, whereas in the second case you do it in two parts: first you analyze the one thing, and then do the same with another one.

When you do the comparison, you have to write your conclusions. Here your task is to point out the differences and similarities between two subjects or people and give a general conclusion about them. For better understanding of how good conclusions should look view the free samples on the Internet.

Buy Essay Online: Is It Safe?

Of course, the best option for you is to try to write your comparison essay on your own: when you know the structure and general requirements of this type of essay it is not extremely difficult to compose it yourself. But, as it often happens, you have very limited time and other written assignments to do. So, definitely, you need college essay writing help.
If you decide to buy essay online, but still have doubts whether it is safe and confidential, you should relax and consider the following information.

College essay writing help websites will never use your personal data and your order information or give it to the third parties. You simply choose a writer for your order and he does it for money (do not worry; at FindMyEssat.com you will not pay a fortune as its prices are really affordable for students). Just fulfill the application form, indicate your requirements, select the best writer and wait until your order is done! That is simple. And it is what every college student dreams about!

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